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Belongings Of The Dead: Identifying The Dead Victims Of The

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Belongings Of The Dead: Identifying The Dead Victims Of The

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Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:02 pm

Belongings of the dead: Identifying the dead victims of the migrant crisis

As bodies of migrants are found almost daily on the Evros river, one man is trying to reunite the dead with their families.

By Mark Stone, Europe Correspondent

Weekly, sometimes daily, the headlines spell out the fate of migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe.

Just last week a boat sank in the Mediterranean. Ninety people died. This year a total of 546 people are recorded to have died on their migrant journeys across continents, and it's only February.

The total figure over the past three years is 8,650 dead.

But who are they? Where have they come from? Tragically the answer, too often, is "we don't know".
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Thigibh a nis le buidheachas
n a gheataibh-san a steach,
Is thigibh fòs le maladh mòr
an cùirtibh naomh a theach :
Is thugaibh dha mòr-bhuidheachas,
ainm beannaichibh gu binn.

Psalm 100: 1-4

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