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Calais Migration Crisis Is Qqually The UK's Problem - Fr

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Calais Migration Crisis Is Qqually The UK's Problem - Fr

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Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:22 pm

Calais migration crisis is equally the UK's problem - French minister

Sky News witnesses migrants still determined to head for the UK after hearing rumours Brexit will make it easier to get asylum.

By Mark Stone, Europe Correspondent

The French interior minister has told Sky News the migration crisis in northern France is the UK's problem as much as it France's.

Gerard Collomb was speaking as he visited Calais - the focal point for migrants - with French President Emmanuel Macron, and ahead of a key Anglo-French summit in London on Thursday.

"It's a problem between France and Great Britain," Mr Collomb said.

"It's not just our problem or your problem but we have the same problem with immigration and, as the President said, we must welcome refugees but not welcome all the world.
Full Story Sky News
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