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Satellites Being Used To Fight Illegal Logging

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Satellites Being Used To Fight Illegal Logging

Post by Pete » Sat May 05, 2018 4:06 am

Satellites being used to fight illegal logging

Clearings - clues to where illegal logging might be happening - can only be seen from above, but aircraft patrols are expensive.

By Thomas Moore, Science Correspondent

Satellites are being used as "CCTV in the sky" to protect vulnerable rainforests against illegal logging.

Operators working in mission control - a converted church in Edinburgh - are scanning photos taken by satellites for tree felling in the Guatemalan jungle.

They are able to relay coordinates to police rangers on the ground, who can take action far more quickly than previously possible.

Forests cover a third of Guatemala's land area, but every year around 1% of the trees are cleared.
Full Story Sky News
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